We Manage Your Sales & Marketing Software

So You Can Drive Strategy With Intelligence


Setup & Management
Report Building
Lead Scoring
Workflows & Automation



Email automation
Lead tracking
Social media automation
SEO monitoring


System integration
Executive dashboards
Automated reports

Confidently Know:

What campaigns have the best ROI?

What content converts?

Where do we find our best clients?

What makes our leads sales-ready?

Which leads should my team prioritize?

How long is our sales cycle?

Which clients are evangelists?

How can we use templates and automation?


“Jim has been a valuable resource for me as I continue to grow my business… His valuable insights into strategy and operational efficiency encourage and challenge me to continually improve upon how we can better service our clients and become more efficient at doing so.”

– Bryan Bell, Managing Director, Target Enrollment Group


“Jim is sincerely interested in helping tech companies start and grow. He maintains an active interest in the latest trends, tools, and technologies that can help turn good ideas into valuable companies…  If you’re looking to start or grow a technology based business, Jim is a great guy to know.”

– Richard Lamb, President, Midwest Technology Ventures, Inc.

BTek Ventures enables clients to leverage the convergence of sales and marketing with technology, and harness the increasing amount of data at their fingertips. The core belief of the company is that the alignment of metrics, process, software, and culture are critical for intelligent business growth in today’s economy. Jim Bartek founded the company in 2012.